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Rittenhouse Show Special

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CCR Exam!!!

Anyone wishing to take the CCR exam will be able to do so this Fall. The exam will be offered on Friday October 10, 2014 from 1:00pm to 5:30pm at the Skirvin Hotel in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Anyone wishing to take the exam should contact Starla Marshall at starla.marshall@okstate.edu. Thank you.

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Past Presidents

Small Logo Past Presidents of the Southwest College Bookstore Association

Todd Cragg 2012-13
Tom Fox 2011-12
David Ritz 2010-11
Rita Widder 2009-10
Eddie Turner 2008-09
Billy Hogue 2007-08
Anne Bullard 2006-07
Dennis Baker 2005-06
Christy Clemons 2004-05
Debby Brown 2003-04
Sue Slater 2002-03
Mark Palmore 2001-02
Bill Coulter 2000-01
Bill Hart 1999-00
Jacque Ochs, CCR 1998-99
Anthony Martin 1997-98
Alex Aragon,CSP 1996-97
Sandra K. Rodman, CCR 1995-96
Ken Jones,CSP 1994-95
Gary Hoover 1993-94
Reynaldo Cadena, CSP 1992-93
Marshall Rathbun 1991-92
Wes Aldis,CSP 1990-91
Shirley Evans 1989-90
Fern Foster,CSP 1988-89
Larry Minor 1987-88
David Mize,CSP 1985-87
C.A. Austin,CSP 1984-85
Merle Canfield  (Passed Away while in office) 1984
Gerald Ritche,CSP 1983-84
Gary Thompson 1982-83
Henry Barker 1981-82
Chester Banks 1980-81
Gene Rainbolt 1979-80
Maybeth Johnston,CSP 1978-79
Larry Templeton,CSP 1977-78
George Cook 1976-77
Pete Plotts 1974-76

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SWCBA Handbook

SWCBA Official Board Procedure and Policy Handbook

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President’s Letter 2/10/2014

SWCBA Logo blk 300x300

Small LogoPresident’s Letter

February 10, 2014

Dear Fellow SWCBA Members,

Let me start by saying that I take the position of Southwest College Bookstore Association President very seriously. Every decision I make is with the best interest of the association and it’s membership in mind. This is my first official “President’s Letter” since taking office last October. Please forgive me for not posting a letter and keeping membership informed prior to now. It is certainly not because of a lack of prompting from others. Todd Cragg, our Past President, has been reminding me I need to write a President’s Letter since before our last Annual Meeting. The fact that I haven’t written an official letter prior to now does not mean we haven’t been busy, quite the contrary.

My focus this year is a “back to basics” emphasis. I will start with our SWCBA Mission Statement:


The Southwest College Bookstore Association’s mission is to promote a high standard of business methods and ethics among its members, unite those persons and firms engaged in the sale, manufacturing and/or distribution of products and services to the campus communities of its member states, promote the common interest of individuals and companies who provide those products and services, assist members in their efforts to serve their respective campuses and disseminate industry ideas and information among its members.

There are a number of exciting things in the works for this year.

We are well underway on the planning of our 2014 Annual Meeting. It will be held at Oklahoma City’s oldest hotel, the wonderful Skirvin Hotel, which is located in downtown Oklahoma City near Bricktown. Our Site Selection Committee is working on proposals for our 2015 Annual Meeting.

Our web site is in the process of being moved to another web hosting company. After the move we are going to build a WordPress site. WordPress is very user-friendly, which will allow us to give a few more people access to our web site. The end result should be our web site gets updated more regularly. I feel our Website is one of our best tools for communication and should be treated as such. With the new hosting company, we will also gain the use of a powerful email program with a number of tools we can use to take our marketing to the next level.

We have been evaluating Store and Vendor membership history. We have broken the numbers down to identify trends and are developing strategies accordingly.

Over the past 6 years, I have seen the Association’s financial health improve greatly. Although I wish to continue our financial success, my focus this year is on membership retention and growth. I feel this will be accomplished by evaluating and identifying membership trends, developing and implementing specific marketing plans to deal with identified trends, evaluating our tools and resources making changes where necessary, and most importantly with improved communication. We all, in some way, contribute to the success of the SWCBA. If you have any ideas or feedback, I encourage you to contact me or other Board members.


Corrie Thibodeaux
SWCBA President 2014

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Welcome to the Home of Southwest College Bookstore Association

Check back often for updates on news, events, and industry information.


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